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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

banging banging banging in my brain

the landlady is having the other three apartments in our building completely demolished. the banging was so powerful that a couple of framed pictures hanging in the hallway fell to the floor and the glass shattered. and this could go on for WEEKS! she is putting in new plumbing, new kitchen counters and floors, adding a bathroom (in what was a closet, thereby eliminating any storage space), and renovating the existing bathrooms. walls have been bashed out, and the 1920s architecture has been ruined. such a shame. she came to talk to us yesterday, and was "so so sorry" for all of the inconvenience. well, i'm so so sorry but she may have to give us a break on the rent! UGH!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

tea for two

the husband was out of town for a screening at fantasticfest in austin this weekend. last night, helen decided that since daddy was out of town, and it was just us girls, that we should have some tea. she got out her little tea set and was in the kitchen with the dish gloves on, washing out two cups and two saucers. we made chamomile tea, and put out the honey and milk. i made pasta with butter and cheese, and broccoli, and we had dinner while watching the wizard of oz. we played go fish, and she taught me how to play another card game called slamwich (i never really got the rules, but it didn't really matter).

how much better could it get?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

thoughts on a sunday

it has been eons since i last wrote anything in this journal. there is so much that has happened, and so much on my mind.

i was very sad to hear about steve irwin, a.k.a. the crocodile hunter. all that danger he survived, and he loses his life swimming with a typically peaceful stingray. crikey! rest in peace, matey.

husband has been in a whirlwind this entire year, project after project. it is wonderful he's getting so much work, but its been trying on our home life since his studio is in our living space. we rarely get down time, though he's been really trying to balance the work and time with us. if the housing market in L.A. wasn't absolutely rediculous, and a couple like us who both work full-time in professional jobs with better-than-average salaries could actually afford to buy a home in a decent area, things would be peachy and he could have his own office with a door he could close. if we were in austin, we could buy my mom's house for just over $300k, and she lives in barton hills and has a swimming pool! her house here would cost at LEAST $850k. its depressing.

all of my dear neighbors in the 4-plex we've lived in for almost 5 years got evicted. we were spared, presumably because we paid the highest rent and live in the apartment that needs the fewest rennovations. we believe they were all evicted under false pretenses, but i don't want to say too much about that right now. let's just say that the property situation in the areas in and surrounding korea town is out of control. lots of property flipping, and people doing horrible things to these beautiful homes built in the 20s. they have completely ruined at least two of the units here, replacing the charming archway between the living and dining areas with a wall and doorway. somehow the general philosophy of these new property owners is that rather than preserving the charm of the period architecture by keeping with the style of the original, it is better to make things shiny and new, and as cheap as possible with absolutely no personality.

i am, needless to say, angry. i was never that excited about living in this part of town, but my neighbors made this a community. we watched each other's kids, and called in the morning to borrow coffee or milk. our dear friends don't live too far now, but it just isn't the same. my secure universe has been tampered with, and we have absolutely no control. did i mention i am angry?

we had a wonderful labor day weekend in northern california with our dear friend jenny. we went to visit with my husband's brother and his family. they have the CUTEST baby boy who is 7 months. we went camping up by this lake their friend's family owns. we had to hike up a mountain, and the kid did really well. at 6, it was her first hiking/camping trip. it was so beautiful up there, and peaceful. we slept under the stars and it was absolutely amazing to wake up at 2am and look up at the milky way. no helicopters or sirens. we did hear one wild scream around 3am, that sounded like a banshee. it was awesome! we think it may have been a mountain lion. i'll post some pictures soon.