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Thursday, January 19, 2006

sporadic thoughts

i'm a rotten blogger. since my last post, we ended up going to texas for christmas after all on the spur of the moment. decided the thursday night before christmas to leave friday morning early. jumped in the car with our kid and our bird, drove a day and a half, and were in austin by 3:30 christmas eve. didn't even tell my mom we were coming. she cried. she laughed. she was completely beside herself. so much fun. ate a lot. drank a lot. saw some friends and family.

no time to say anything significant. i am so lame.

OH! texas texas yee haw! GO LONGHORNS! GO VINCE YOUNG!!! we rock. the game was on my birthday. we had chili, shiner bock, velveeta queso dip, good friends and the longhorns won. it was absolutely perfect!

and i'm running my first marathon in two weeks.