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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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Monday, May 23, 2005

soon she'll be an old married lady, just like me! Posted by Hello

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wild bachelorette weekend

i spent the weekend in san diego with a bunch of loud skinny blonde people. it was fun, but i did feel at times like i was disappearing into the background. reminded me of college! we were supposed to go to some "hip hop" club (yes, that's what i said- hip hop), but i didn't make it past the restaurant. i went home with the hostesses mom who had come in from houston for the festivities. nonetheless, i had a great time, just imbibed a little more than i should have on the first night. white wine, champagne, and a lemon drop shot. ugh! wasn't there something in my earlier blogs about giving up alcohol? but san diego is georgeous! and so nice to get out of l.a. for the weekend. the house we stayed in was really nice, and the area is so pristine.

of course, while i was away, all went to hell at home. the husband had a hot egg explode in his face which left a big burn mark, then he burned the pancakes. the kid made sure to tell him that "mommy makes them into shapes". then he took the kid to a "groovy girl" birthday party and she had a tragic time. husband said there was a d.j. that was playing music that grated on his nerves which included hillary duff, and 50 cent! he said the little 6 year old divas were screaming into microphones, and his head almost exploded. the poor kid wasn't feeling very included since it was mostly her friends school friends.

such a good daddy, though. he suffered through blue hawaii with her that afternoon (elvis! i rented it for her because she fell in love with his music) which she loved (i had to explain to her when i got back that elvis is a real cad in that movie, and that boys shouldn't behave that way towards women) not sure she got it, but she thinks elvis is cute anyway. and i didn't even dare mention that he's dead. she'll find out one day.

and today, her sweet daddy took her to build-a-bear where she built-a-rabbit. she called me to tell me how much fun she had. they were down on hollywood blvd. and she got to shake mikey mouse's hand, and he kissed it. couldn't be a better day for a kid. though she did tell me that it wasn't all good because daddy got a ticket because it was street cleaning day. and daddy said some things that he told her she should not repeat. you can't win 'em all.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

husband in arizona

the husby went to sedona for a screening of a film he scored. he made it a little road trip. the movie is rounding first.