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Thursday, March 23, 2006

the many lives of me

my hubby and i were talking about the many different "careers" i have had in my life. they are:

• Picketer/Activist
• Gymnastics Instructor
• Cheerleader
• Modern Interpretive Dancer
• Musical Theatre Actress
• Theatre Producer
• Commercial Actress
• Tour Guide
• Vocalist for a Movie Soundtrack
• English as a Second Language Instructor
• Drama Teacher
• University Lecturer
• Puppeteer
• Office Worker (many capacities)
• Grant Writer

Here’s the list with some description:

Picketer/Activist (at the age of 5-"save our fire house!")
Gymnastics Instructor (in high school- helped toddlers do somersaults)
Cheerleader (I was told once- “Amy, you look like you are afraid to move because someone might see you.”
Modern Interpretive Dancer (the husband witnessed this one when we were dating...)
Musical Theatre Actress (and this one, and STILL married me- I starred in "Donkey Hotey"- the musical- as Sancha the catnip pushing cat)
Theatre Producer (a most horrendous piece of experimental college theatre)
Commercial Actress (a few cheesy local Austin commercials and print ads- Tip Top Cleaners, Texas Hot Tubs)
Tour Guide (Wild Basin Preserve-led scavenger hunts to find pine needles,rocks, Twigs, various types of animal poo and such)
Vocalist for a Movie Soundtrack (Horror score. It was truly horrible.)
English as a Second Language Instructor
Drama Teacher (Creative drama, to be exact)
University Lecturer (Puppetry, of course- history of and how to make)
Puppeteer (did marionette shows for seniors at Texas-Czech Heritage Society meetings and events)
Office Worker (blah-my least favorite)
Grant Writer

I guess you could say that I enjoy following whims, and like a life that is random. I mean, come on. I married a Czechoslovakian musician who used to be a mermaid!


Blogger Big PoZer said...

I can't believe it's me, of all people, saying this... but you need to add "mom" to that list! ;]

I believe my career path may be just as winding. Here's my list:

* Farmer
* Truck stop salesgirl
* Symphony Oboist
* Pizza Hut waitress
* Team USA horseback rider
* Lead singer in rock and country bands
* Guitarist (singer/songwriter)
* Production asst. for PBS
* Tape logger for Animal Planet
* Indie film actress
* Dinner theatre actress
* Musical theatre actress
* Stunt woman
* Massage therapist
* Zoo Keeper
* Dog Walker
* Business owner
* Spawner

I know I'm missing a couple things... but that's most of it.

10:14 PM  
Blogger amos1967 said...

you totally put me to shame. you win for the most random jobs. i LOVE stunt woman and zoo keeper. and yes, you are right. i did neglect to add mom, and groupie.

9:47 PM  

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