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Friday, February 24, 2006

confessions of a sicko

blah. that's how i feel today. i've been home sick in bed for two days with a hacking cough and body ache. i could have been re-reading goblet of fire (i never made it to the theatre to see it, so i figure i'll read it again before i buy the movie). instead, i've been gorging myself on junk tv. i've watched regis and kelly, martha stuart (donny osmond was on today! yeah. i'm a dork) i've watched several episodes of i love lucy, mash and kojak. i even watched a little mo po, and a few seconds of jerry springer which made me feel dirty. i watched at least 4 episodes of blind date (ack!) and, lest i forget, all my children. i haven't watched that since college! can't believe susan lucci is still on, and still looks the same! but the guy who plays duke lavery sure didn't age well. i just sent my family off to see a movie so i can sit here and stew in my misery. i'm planning to be better tomorrow so i can attend febrewary fest 2006 at jonathan and jan's. as my czech hubby always says, beer has vitamins! and fittingly, the title of this year's brewfest is "Deep in the Heart of Czechxas" featuring Ludweiser pilsner (named for me hubby, of course!).


Blogger Big PoZer said...

Beer does have vitamins!

I hope you're feeling better today... and that your brain is still working after all that daytime TV ;]

9:20 PM  

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