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Monday, February 06, 2006

frustration. disappointment. dissatisfaction. disillusionment. anticlimax. failure. letdown. defeat.

i'm not quite sure i'm ready to talk about the "marathon". it was not a good experience. if i hadn't had someone to go through it with, i would have cried. let it suffice to say that we arrived to the starting line almost an hour after official start time due to a series of unfortunate events*, and were told that we could run, but it would not be official since the start mat had been deactivated so our timing chips would not record our official start and finish times. we almost turned around to go home, but decided to run the half course. so we started the run, reluctantly, completely alone. it was pretty sad. our enthusiasm had completely fizzled, and we were in such a funk that a mile felt like 3. but thanks to my good buddy ironmaz, i readjusted my thinking, and this turned into just another sunday training run. it was decided i would be doing the la marathon in march. so my training has not ended, and my goal has not yet been reached. actually, i'm more excited about running la. there will be a lot more people running, a lot more aid stations, and a lot more people cheering me on. that's all the stuff that helps me keep going. in huntington beach there were no people cheering us on, few aid stations, and nobody running with us until we rejoined with the marathoners toward the end. of course my family and a couple of friends were there at the end, and my baby's smile absolutely made my day.

so, as i started this blog saying i was not ready to talk about it, i guess i really did want to after all. now that i am putting this out in the universe, i think i can move past the disappointment and on to the la marathon and beyond. its not like my life depends on this. this is just a personal goal. but i guess personal goals are important.


Blogger Ironmaz said...

Yay!. Another wonderful example of turning a bad thing into a good thing.

Watch out LA, here comes Amy.


3:51 PM  
Blogger Big PoZer said...

I can imagine that not being there for the official start, and not having the adrenaline rush of the crowd must've been really tough.

But, the fact that you still ran it impresses the hell out of me!

12:28 AM  
Blogger amos1967 said...

thanks!!! i quit running when i got pregnant (six and a half years ago,about), and just started back about a year ago. i remember when i was pregnant, all i wanted to do was lay on the couch. the little alien inside made me so tired.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Big PoZer said...

Part of me wishes, with how tired I am all the time, that I could just lay on the couch all day... but I'm actually thankful that I have to get outside and work a normal schedule. If I didn't, I think I'd end up losing my mind!

I'm looking forward to rollerblading and hiking again after the nipper is born. I ran track in highschool, but my knees were never great. Then, after 4 years of pounding them in a live stuntshow, they are nearly obliterated.

So... no more running for me :(

1:49 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

And we will be there cheering you on. Cause Gawd help me if I were to ever try running any marathon, much less down the street. ;) I'll live vicariously through your legs.


9:45 PM  

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