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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the cough that keeps on coughing

i am sick and tired of this damn cough. i have it, husband has it, and the poor little girl woke up this morning with a 100.5 fever and ... the cough. on the up side, i am home posting on my blog. i started antibiotics today. i am pretty much against them, and haven't taken any in years. but THREE WEEKS! this cough has been lingering for THREE WEEKS! the doctor said i either take them, or end up with chronic bronchitis or pneumonia. i have been coughing so hard at night, i feel like i broke a rib. ok, so it's probably just a strained muscle, but IT HURTS! the doc also gave me the super duper codeine cough syrup that will totally knock me out. i am taking the little girly to the doc this afternoon, then i just need to convince hubby that he needs to go asap. he's got deadlines and is totally stressed out, but he needs to take care of this thing.

ok. enough about me and my sick family. that's depressing. i got to spend a few days in texas, which was really nice, and the kid got to spend 5 days with her dear grandmother (my mommy). i miss austin i miss austin i miss austin! but, i do love los angeles in many respects (and hate it too). (i'm probably repeating myself here, but...) austin does seem smaller when i go back, even though it is expanding rapidly. every time i go there, there is something new, and it is definitely starting to sprawl. so many of my old haunts are gone. i just found out last night that the vegetarian restaurant, west lynn cafe, that my hubby and i met at while working there, was sold by the owners, and is now some trendy indian cuisine place. it was such a groovy little restaurant, with excellent food and wine. the owners also own a place called mother's cafe, and many of the dishes from west lynn are served there as well (also vegetarian). if you're ever in austin, try it. the food is outstanding, and not at all bland like some veg restaurants. but west lynn was classic, and i'm sad it is gone.

what i love about l.a. is the many cultures, the beaches, the mountains, the arts. so what do i hate about l.a.? well, for one, all the fake folk out there that make the rest of us look bad because they can afford to spend hours at the salon, with their personal trainers, and at the plastic surgeons'. (do i sound bitter? i am) has anyone else noticed that marcia cross's forehead does not move? does it look freaky to anyone besides me? the oscars are fun, but do we really need two hours of after-party commentary? and come on, sure the dresses are pretty for the most part, and everyone looks all tightened up and spray tanned. but GEEZ. get over yourselves. sorry. i'll step down from the soapbox now.

what else can i ramble on about today? the hubby has decided we are going to prague in june for the wedding of a brit film friend of his. it will be really cool to take the kid there to meet her czech cousins. i am interested to see how she will communicate with them. maybe she'll learn a little czech, which is a really useful language here in los angeles. (hee)

well, gotta run. (running? what's that? haven't run in 3 weeks! no marathon in my near future.)


Blogger Big PoZer said...

Eeeep. Sorry to hear your cough is still hanging on... and that the whole family is this cold's bitch!

... do we really need two hours of after-party commentary?

What? You weren't all eyes and ears for that bit of must-see TV?

10:58 PM  

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