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Thursday, February 02, 2006

26 miles. how difficult could it be?????

today is Thursday. only 3 days till marathon day. yikes. the furthest i've run is 20 miles. what's 6 more miles, right? RIGHT????? hopefully i'll have some pics to post when its all over. i know lots of people run marathons, but i never even thought i would be able to, and never wanted to. in fact, it was one of the things i said i would never do. i think i said this before, but every time i say i will never, i do. so, here goes. i will NEVER be a billionaire. i will NEVER do a triathalon. i will NEVER be in a play again. i will NEVER learn to sing. i will NEVER paint again. i will NEVER learn to do a triple axle. i will NEVER roller skate down venice beach in the buff.


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