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Thursday, February 02, 2006

i just figured out how to add links to my sidebar! i know this probably isn't a big deal to most bloggers, but it is for me. html gives me hives. so, i've only added two links so far, but since nobody reads this, i guess it doesn't really matter anyway. poor me. nobody cares.

wait a minute! somebody out there does. leanne, i know you look at my blog from time to time. i think. and coach. you check, because you said i hadn't posted in a while.

and YOU. i know who you are! i know you are there. i know you check in every once in a while when you are really bored.

so for pete's sake. SOMEBODY LEAVE ME A COMMENT!!!!!

i feel like i'm sending my blogs out into the universe, and there is no life out there. i mean, i know i am not that interesting most of the time. but i try to be mildly humorous some of the time. well, at least my kid thinks i'm funny. the husband thinks i'm "unique". that should be enough. no? so why do i need the approval of some total strangers who might run accross my blog, or even from friends who i know i can just pick up the phone and talk to? not sure. guess i'm just trying to avoid doing some actual work here.


Blogger Jenn said...

OMG a comment!!!!! I'll help you get some readers.


12:19 PM  
Blogger Big PoZer said...

Well, now that I know you have a blog... I'll be a regular stalker. ;]

8:01 PM  

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