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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

i'm a loser...but we have the bench

i had these great plans to journal during my trip to texas. obviously that did not happen. must have been that the texas heat temporarily stunned my brain, or it could be that my mom has an ancient tiny computer that is slower than molasses, and you can only log on early in the morning or late at night so that it doesn't tie up the phone line.

if i could remember my trip, i'd recount. but at this moment in time, it ain't happening. i do know that the kid played in the pool every single day. this is the same kid that hid her bathing suit the night before we took off so that she wouldn't have to swim because she was so scared. but thanks to my mom (and senior discount day at ross dress for less) the kid had a new suit the first day we got there.

the husband worked nearly the entire time we were there. he took his computer. not a laptop, mind you. his big ol' hunky mac with the large screen. he did make it to the pool a few times, and we got out to hear some live music at least one night. but he's done with his big project (for now) since we've been home he's taken to the back yard and is building a bench for us to sit on. it is *(&)*^%$ hot outside, and he's spending his days outside building a bench which he feels it is very important to have. he is very proud of this bench, and wants me to come look at it every hour or so to see the progress. it is a very nice bench. it will be very nice to sit on. it is a big bench. it serves as a nice storage space (the seat opens up and has a large space underneath).
i will love the bench. i will sit on the bench. the bench will be awesome!


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