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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

texas log: day 1

can i just say that the heat in El Paso is INSANE!!!!!! i went for a 30 minute walk with my sister yesterday accross the FRICKIN DESERT. i'm not kidding. unfortunately they are turning said desert into plots of land for sale for a new housing community. so we were walking through dirt, rock and sand, dodging the bull dozers in 103 degree weather. again. not kidding. i haven't sweated so much since.... well.... since i ran 7 MILES ON SATURDAY!!!! actually, i don't think i even sweated that much on saturday.

the poor kid has been miserable in the heat. she could never live in texas. we turned on the hose in the afternoon and let her run through as we squirted her with the spray nozzle. she had a blast! it reminded me of my summers as a kid growing up in the texas heat. the husband has been miserable and sluggish too. so the kid squirted him with the hose.

but last night in the early evening a storm rolled in from the mountains with big black clouds, lightning bolts and thunder. it didn't actually rain where we were, but it was awsome to watch. my sis has a view from her house of the mountains, and we sat in the back yard drinking wine and watching the storm. husband and kid splashed around in the warm tub (it was a hot tub, but we dumped in 5 huge bags of ice to cool it down)

today we're headed for austin. all i can say is thank God my mom has a swimming pool. i'm sure that's where the husby will be spending his time, with a cold tecate.


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