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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

summer fever

ahhhh. what a beautiful day in southern california. sky is so blue. i'm cutting out in 15 minutes to head to the beach with the husband and the kid. so excited i am (watched return of the jedi the other night for the first time in ages) i'm gonna take my jog down there while the kid rides her new pink bike.

so i've been obsessed with this harry potter and the chamber of secrets pc game. in my sleep i am fighting slugs, trolls, gnomes, fire crabs, spiders and basilisks. i've gotten to the chamber of secrets, but i cannot for the life of me kill the bloody basilisk. he keeps chomping on me. i'm sure there is some trick. i was stuck in this one room for EVER, and couldn't find a way out. i threw spells at almost every brick and crack, until i finally just walked up to the only door (which i had tried to cast alahamora on over and over again) and it opened....just like that.

all i can think of right now is the trip to texas. we hit the road a week from sunday, and i can't wait! my mind is already on vacation. i'm hope we get to hear some music this time. just want to go to some outdoor joint and drink a pitcher of shiner and listen to some good southern rock while stuffing myself with some ribs. maybe even an outdoor concert or two.

ah. my fifteen minutes is almost up. time to skee-daddle.


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