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Sunday, June 05, 2005

bathroom humor

so, i've officially started training for the long beach half marathon. my friend batman is my coach and motivation. he's already run a marathon or two, and done several trialathons and an iron man! i've officially been running in earnest for about 4 weeks (after my six month hiatus), and today we did a three mile trek/run through a rocky and brushy terrain. i thought it would kill me. so 3 miles sounds like nothing when thinking about a half marathon-but up hills, over and around rocks, through brush is no easy feat. and i had a little digestive problem that thwarted our first attempt at our run. we had to make an emergency retreat back to the bathrooms (which was no easy feat! we were already 15 minutes into our run, and had to make it back to the beginning of the trail and drive to the port-a-potties about a mile away- but i had no choice. it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.) so on the second try things went well, and it was beautiful up there in topanga canyon.

lesson learned from this experience: stay away from eggplant parmesian the night before a run in order to avoid severe gastro-intestinal turbulence. or else, wear depends!


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