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Monday, February 14, 2005

texas, texas yee haw!

i forgot to mention the kid and i went to texas (or did i?) it was such a brief trip, but it satisfied my texas cravings for a bit. got to see some of the fam damnily. got to spend time with mamma, and go to my sister's ranch. actually, her husband is a ranch manager, so they just live there. don't own it. but it sounds so texas! my sister's ranch. we all own them you know. ride horses everywhere we go, and wear hats and boots. wait a minute. sounds like me brother-in-law. they have lots of exotic critters there. a heard of zebras, kudus, ginzboks (not sure how to spell that one). the kid had a ton of fun.

now me husby wants to take her to czechland with him when he goes in april on business, so she can meet some of her czech cousins, aunts and uncles. i think she'll have so much fun. it will be so different for her. i'm glad she will make her first trip with daddy. i'm such a nervous wreck flying these days.

so we're giving up alcohol for Lent. i think it'll be good. we've both been feeling guilt when we drink lately. maybe its because we're approacing 40. but so far it hasn't been too difficult. the wine will be the hard part for me. i love red wine. beer, i can live without. never liked liquor much (ever since that incident in 10th grade!) husby even mentioned giving it up for good. i'll believe it when i see it. a czech without beer is like, well.... OMG! i just remembered we're invited to a party next weekend titled BEERAPALOOZA! with pub grub and all. with home brew. how's that gonna work? can you take a break in the Lenten promises? yikes. that'll be a toughy.

just a few thoughts for the day.
back to work.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Oh no! I didn't know I caused you damn your eternal soul to hell...

That was a good party, though. Hope you saved me a seat in that handbasket (to the aforementioned hot place).


12:39 PM  

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