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Friday, February 11, 2005

thoughts on a rainy friday

my daughter was afraid for me to leave her at her pre-school today. said she thought i was going to blow away in the wind. i'm not sure where these fears are coming from. did mary poppins scar me that much at that age? you know, the nannys blowing away and all. or was it wizard of oz?

i'm on this low carb thing. i have always been annoyed by all of the low carb fanaticism, but i jumped on the bandwagon when i had no time to work out, and was putting on the pounds. i'm not doing anything silly like eating bacon and beef all the time. i eat lots of salad and vegetables, and chicken and fish. just no pasta, bread, rice, etc. also need to stop with the wine. i'm a total wino sometimes. mainly, excercise is the way to go. i was almost ready for a half marathon last october, then i sprained my ankle really badly jumping into a swimming pool (fully clothed) to rescue my daughter who had fallen in head first. actually, i froze and my husband pushed me aside because i was standing there like a lump and so i decided that i needed to follow him in and twisted my ankle on the steps. so we were all in the pool, fully clothed, soaking wet. me with a hurt ankle. my daughter started laughing hysterically, but has never wanted to get near water since. short story long, i didn't run the half marathon, and haven't exercised since. guess its time to get off my behind and do something. before too long i'll be hitting the big 4-0. ACK!

well, time to run. off to pick up my lil' schmoopie.


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