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i'm a mommy, a supportive wife (mostly), a loving daughter, a lazy but well-meaning friend, a texan, a reformed party girl, a slacker, a seeker, a chameleon, a reluctant L.Alien, trying to find the meaning of life in los angeles.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

where in the heck am i?

i'm a texas girl who somehow ended up living in los angeles. actually, i am pretty sure i know how i got here. i fell in love with this czechoslovakian magician (sorry. czech musician.) i miss my family terribly. well, mostly. i guess you take for granted what you have until you don't have access to it anymore. my family? well they are a strange bunch. but really colorful. at some point i'll get around to describing them. though i will change their names to protect the innocent. i miss my mom the most. i'm going back with my daughter for my mom's 75th b'day. only four days. leaving the husby behind to do his thang. he's on the computer 24-7 writing music. it drives me crazy while he's in the midst of a project, but the outcome is pretty much always amazing. his talent blows me away. sometimes i am a bit jealous. well, "a bit" is an understatement. i wish i had a real talent like music, or dance or clogging. ANYthing. I have done many things, but didn't stick with any one thing. spent three %&*$## years in graduate school studying theatre, and am doing nothing with it. actually, they were three great years. just that i'll be paying for them with my blood for the rest of my life.

so here i am, a lil ol' girl from texas. i know texas isn't everyone's favorite country, but it's in my heart and soul. mainly austin. i can do without the rest. and how 'bout them longhorns?


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