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Thursday, January 27, 2005

that was yesterday

so i was really ticked off at the men who seemingly run the place i work in. i wrote this long rant about it, and accidentally deleted it. no wind left, so i added the short blog of yesterday. probably better that way. today i'm cooled off a bit, realizing that i and the other women i work with really run the place. monkeys could do what they do. ok. so that's an overstatement. they are a talented bunch, really. just that they are all control freaks and expect the rest of us to read minds.

i am counting the days until i can leave this place. i'm realizing more and more that i need to find something i can pour my heart and soul into besides hubby, kid, work. my days are pretty much like this during the work week:
  • wake up
  • dread work
  • listen to loud obnoxious guys on the radio to avoid getting out of bed
  • hear cat meowing
  • feed cat
  • make coffee (or try to wake up husband to make coffee)
  • hear birds squawking
  • feed birds
  • take shower
  • wake kid (or shout at husband to wake kid)
  • feed kid (or shout at husband to feed kid)
  • dress kid (or shout at husband to dress kid)
  • put on makeup
  • dry hair
  • get dressed
  • fight with kid about going to school
  • drop off kid at pre-school
  • go to work
  • work (surf internet or blog for mental breaks)
  • eat lunch with co-workers and complain about crazy people at work
  • work (surf internet or blog for mental breaks)
  • pick up kid
  • pick up husband (or husband picks me up)
  • dinner (usually my wonderful husband does this. i do the eating part.)
  • wash dishes (or nag husband to wash dishes)
  • bathe kid
  • read to kid
  • fall asleep trying to watch some mind numbing show (unless i've gotten absorbed by some good book. need a new one.)

i do enjoy time with the kid. would love to have less stressed time, and more fun quality time. kid time is actually the hilight of the day. also hubby time when he's not working madly. in those times he tunes the rest of us out. i know he has to. that's the price of having his music studio smack dab in the middle of our living area.


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You have a cat?


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