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Friday, March 18, 2005

bloggity boggity blog

just felt like i should make an entry today. it is a grey and dreary friday in los angeles. the day after st. patty's. oh the days when i could just pop on over to the pub after work for cold stout guinness. that was pre-kid. but on the up side, no hangover today. we watched napoleon dynamite for the third time last night, this time with our neighbor. i find it infinitely amusing. and netflix rules!!! i resisted for a long time, but finally gave in since we are resistant to cable.

just found out i've been abandoned by my right hand woman at work. i'm so sad. felt betrayed. was angry. cried. went through all of the grieving emotions. finally i've accepted it. i suppose. she's only moving down the hall to another division, so it's not too terrible. but i'm screwed work-wise. i'm still in mourning.

ok. now it is raining again in los angeles. i can't believe how much rain we've had this year. the first three years we were here we barely saw any at all. it is POURING. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

this is sort of a blue post, so i give up for now.


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